As a Lecturer I can earnestly say that education is an intrinsic part of me. Students were some of the greatest motivators for starting PoetryHouse, and also some of the most significant contributors to its development.

My own academic experience included navigating the joys and challenges that I now mentor others through. I feel very privileged to be in a position where I can contribute to the growth and development for such a variety of aspiring individuals. It was not always easy and thinking of the range of Teachers and Lecturers that have supported and inspired me, I can offer nothing but my sincere Thanks, and re-invest into my learners the same good-will and effort that was given unto me.

Studying gave me some great friends, experiences and the opportunity to learn new things about the world and myself. I was once very shy and reserved, now as a Public Speaker I encourage others, as an Artist I entertain and share personal ideas, as an Educator I hear the thoughts and dreams of others whilst working with them to achieve academic excellence and personal progress.

The main reason for this article is two-fold, firstly, to encourage studying, whether it is by yourself, a part-time short-course or a full-time subject, for fun or career, the commitment and completion of a course is something that should enrich your personal life and profession. The second thing, if the academic route is not your way then you can still excel in whatever field you choose. Hard-work will achieve more than talent, when talent doesn’t work hard. A lot of success is based on the ability to put theory into practice. Learn from mistakes, bounce back and be better than before, but first of all you have to be willing to try.

From GCSE to Post-graduate, I never achieved any “A” grades or equivalent for any of my studies, though as both a Lecturer and Artist I’ve won awards and been widely commended for my work. It is important for me to grade my own work and continue to give the best effort possible, regardless of the rewards. I plan to continue studying and learning, lecturing and mentoring, as the respectful giving and receiving of ideas in an academic arena, professional setting or social gathering is one of the genuine gifts of a civilized society.

Whether you are teaching yourself or undertaking a qualification, I hope you make the most of your opportunity and give back something positive to the world. For whether you see it or not, there are millions of people rooting for you and hoping you succeed.

Best Wishes



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