My name is Jahmar Ngozi and PoetryHouse is my Brand and Creative platform.
I’m a London based multi-disciplined artist of Caribbean heritage.  A Poet, Emerging Artist Award winner and Oxford Playhouse Playmaker, I’m also a Lecturer and Public Speaker on topics of motivation, creativity, cultural identity, enterprise and innovation.

The Language and Literature of Spoken Word and Theatre, Photography & Sustainable Fashion Design.

PoetryHouse is about the sharing of ideas, ethics, identity and creativity without compromising on quality. I found the poetry scene a place of acceptance, support, imagination and integrity, so when launching a clothing brand based on “poetic” principles, I committed PoetryHouse to using an ethical and sustainable approach to fashion. By exercising a combination of upcycling bespoke pieces, or designs on Fairtrade sourced apparel which are 100% organic cotton, I remain true to these high ideals.

A percentage of revenue from the sale of all products and events is donated towards WaterAid, as everybody should have fresh water to drink.

This platform would not be possible without God, my family, friends and the generous support of so many people. I celebrate London’s diversity and its variety of artists and entities that support creative enterprise.

Have a good look around the website and explore the links. There are recommendations and plenty to listen to, watch, read, buy & critique. For Bookings, Queries and Feedback Email: info@poetryhouse.co.uk.

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Thank you for taking time to visit PoetryHouse, I hope you enjoy your visit and share with others.

Yours Sincerely,

Jahmar Ngozi

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